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A Quick No-Nonsense Guide to London Escorts

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When in London, you can’t simply ask around to find your way into hiring a hot babe or a dazzling guy to be your personal companion. However, searching on the internet should be helpful because it is discreet and oftentimes comes with perks available only on deals done by online customers. To make your search for escorts a breeze and stress-free, there are two things that you need to keep in mind.

Is the Escort New or Experienced?
Both have its own perks. Nevertheless, hiring experienced escorts increases your assurance of quality service and having a great time. But if you’re feeling lucky and adventurous, you can always go with a gorgeous novice. That way, you can discover new things spontaneously without compromising the fun.

How Does the Rate Work?
Most escorts in London are paid by the hour. This helps with short-time engagements or events, but if you are up for some all-day-all-night fun, you may opt to pay your escort by the day. This way, there’s not much pressure on both of you, no clock ticking in the background like a countdown timer. Moreover, money MUST pass through an agreed channel, especially when dealing with escort service agencies.