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The sun ran down on your checks while you lay on the pebbles in some faraway place. The warmth appeared to be amazing, the soft winds were enough so not to make it uncomfortable.

The wave was simply attempting to reach back in and lap at your feet. You wished to live here forever. There appeared to be nobody else on the island, simply you and your mind. The sun began to calmly set on the sea, reflecting over the whispering waves and dancing over your pale body, your naked chest, warming you through to your inside. As you had a look down at the water you observed the way it reflected sunlight, getting you think back about the warmth in the sun.

Your head appeared to be peaceful for the first time in some years. You searched for the origin of the unusual sound, the one that got you from the calm place you had walked into, though you could not notice it. You examined around the island to see someone though there seemed to be no one around. You stretched your head to take a look up and out the island, however still you couldn’t find or hear anyone. Your muscles began to run once you sit there thinking. You were quite sure you had been sleeping. Few seconds later you saw her, you began to breathe quickly as your heart sounded in your mind, you desperately tried to discover who this vixen is. The girl was undeniably the most outstanding femme you have ever seen before.

You whipped your body round so fast, how had you not seen the lady walk down the beach. Your mouth stayed open and even though you wished to stop this chick, the whole fire inside you came directly to your spine. Louder this time. That time it finally dragged you from you calm fantasy. Your eyes became open widely, the peaceful images of island were away like a memory of some years passed by. Once your eyes adapted to this light you found out you were on your sofa, abandoned as usual. Not a thing happened.

There was no outstanding girl and no perfect island to throw from mind your boring existence… There was nothing apart from you in your bed and some old clothes all around you… However this does not need to be like this for ever. You do not need to only fantasize about such girl and such paradise. You can have it all – you are able to get your wants come into reality with one of the most stunning girls who can be discover in cheap London escorts service!

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